Typing Indicator using RxJava

Typing indicator is a common feature we find in chat applications. Usually, after text someone we expect a response. As soon a person starts typing we can see that little typing indicator (that can be a text, a little bubble, etc). Then, suddenly that indicator disappears. After a second or so it appears again, disappears, [...]

TabLayout Part 2

In the previous article we demonstrated some common features when using TabLayout component. We also provided a demo app which implements all the examples shown on that article. But now, what if we need to add or remove a tab at runtime? Maybe if network connectivity is down we may want to remove a certain tab, [...]

TabLayout Part 1

TabLayout is an implementation of the Material Design tabs specification which can be found in the Android Design Support Library. It provides a horizontal layout in order to display tabs. By using it, we can easily implement tab navigation in our app to swipe between fragments. As in our previous article, we will not show [...]