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Posts published in January 2017

Lazy Loading of Images


Download images from the Internet is a common task we will soon or later have to implement when creating an app. We can either use an external library or implement the…

TabLayout Part 2


In the previous article we demonstrated some common features when using TabLayout component. We also provided a demo app which implements all the examples shown on that article. But now, what…

TabLayout Part 1


TabLayout is an implementation of the Material Design tabs specification which can be found in the Android Design Support Library. It provides a horizontal layout in order to display tabs.…

Navigation Drawer


Introduction According to the official documentation, “The navigation drawer is a panel that displays the app’s main navigation options on the left edge of the screen.”. It is implemented in the…



It is been over one year since I started coding for Android platform. Since then, I always got a lot of help from sites like stackoverflow, github, Medium as well…