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It is been over one year since I started coding for Android platform. Since then, I always got a lot of help from sites like stackoverflow, github, Medium as well as on many others individual developer blogs. And the best part: all for free!

During my learning process, for every topic I got involved, I created demo apps to put all my findings in practice. This is how I usually do in order to memorize new things.

Android coding is not so hard, mainly for those whose already have a Java background, but as in any other programming language, depending on how deeper you need/want to go, things might be a little complicated.

So now I think is time for me to give something back to the Android community. Maybe it can help some people whose, like me, are diving into this amazing platform.

For each post I plan to deliver a complete functional demo app which might help readers to better understand the post content.

I will start with some Material Design components articles. Some other subjects I am planning to write about are: threads, lazy load images, REST APIs integration, synchronization, RxJava and many others.

Hope you enjoy it!

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