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Posts published in “RxJava”

RxJava Operators – Part 8: Join Operator


Join is one of the operators used to combine Observables. According to the docs it “combines items emitted by two Observables whenever an item from one Observable is emitted during…

RxJava Operators – Part 6: Timeout Operator


When developing an app, specially if we are dealing with requests to network resources, we might want to configure some timeouts, so if the server takes so long to process a…

RxJava Operators – Part 4: Conditional Operators


RxJava provides some operators that conditionally emit items from the source. We can, for example, skip items to be emitted downstream until a certain condition becomes true. It also contains…

RxJava Operators – Part 1: Filtering Operators


Hi all! After sometime away from this blog, now it is time to go back and talk about RxJava. We will publish a series of 10 articles about RxJava operators (including…

Typing Indicator using RxJava


Typing indicator is a common feature we find in chat applications. Usually, after text someone we expect a response. As soon a person starts typing we can see that little…